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Hi all,

I’m relatively new to this, so stick with me here. I’ve got an unknown device on my home network. It’s listed as an iPhone, but we don’t have an extra iPhone floating around the house.

thoughts? How can I know what this is?



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    Welcome @Nismo to the Community. You can use this external link to know about the vendor of the device: https://aruljohn.com/mac/F45EAB 

     The Fing App discovery will identify devices on a best effort basis, based on the information made available by the device, e.g. the MAC address. There are numerous reasons why the device might not be recognized correctly e.g. 

     - The DHCP server is not refreshing when speaking to your Fingbox. 

    - Limited information being offered by specific devices. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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