In regards to running fing with other similar devices.

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I'm considering buying firewalla to run with fingbox.Will there be any compatibilities issues I should be concerned of before I make the purchase?

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  • Marc
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    @Idris_P, there should not be as long as the proper ports are open from the firewall for Fingbox.  See this thread.

    “Due to the distributed and resilient design of Fing services, we recommend giving Fing app and Fingbox access to the full Internet. If you want to limit outbound connections and still ensure minimum functionality, make sure to allow Fingbox to reach any IP address on the following TCP ports: 80, 443, 4443, 5671.

    In addition, the ports needed for the Internet Speed Test, provided by M-Lab include 3001, 3002, 3003.”

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    @Robin, what @Marc propose is a good idea, this information is kinda "advanced" but very helpful.
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    Thank you. Answered my very first question I was going to ask.