Getting the Warning "Device IP address is assigned static, not by DHCP" (W002)

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Hi, I'm seeing the Warning "Device IP address is assigned static, not by DHCP" - but no indication of what device is being referred to (the Fing box I assume) and no indication of why this is an issue or what the recommendations are... (I assume Fing box would like a static IP)

Health check code: W002
Health check report: Connectivity warnings: Warnings in device configuration.


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    The warning is about your PC network config: Fing Desktop is not wired to the Fingbox, in case you own it.
    The warning appears only if you set the current network as Home, if it's office it's not raised.
    It's intended to give a warning to less expert users, because not leveraging a DHCP in a home environment is error prone.
    We added to our roadmap to be able to mute/hide known warnings that you accept and don't want to appear any more.

    Carlo from Fing

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