Different devices detected - WiFi versus LAN - Why?

I have two iMacs:  iMac_i7core is connected via network WiFi and the iMac Pro is connected by LAN, both are running Fing Desktop Beta Version 0.6.1.  I get different results on scanning the network using Fing Desktop Beta Version 0.6.1.  Also, I get agreement results on IP Scanner Pro with the iMac Pro Fing Desktop Beta Version 0.6.1.
FING DESKTOP BETA iMace-i7core:  16/21 devices

FING DESKTOP BETA iMac Pro Ethernet:  18/30 devices

IP SCANNR PRO iMac Pro:  17/24 devices

Why do I get inconsistent results on Fing Desktop Beta Version 0.6.1?


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    You can disregard what IP SCANNR is showing since a lot of the IP addresses are duplicates.

    My guess about the differences is Angelakis's iPhone was not home or WiFi disconnected due to power savings, and the Weather Station was offline for an unknown reason.

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