What's new at Fing - June 2019

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Hello all,
Here's what's new at Fing.

Internet Outage Alerts
A new, free service for real-time notifications when your connection is down. All Fing App users can get outage notifications by mobile, IFTTT and Zapier and it works with Google Assistant. Fingbox users will now be notified when the internet goes down because of a widespread ISP outage.
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Fing & Zapier Integration
We’ve just launched Fingbox on Zapier so you can set up a Zap to notify you on Slack when someone arrives in the office. Fing App users can also create Zaps triggered by Fing Internet Outage Alerts.
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New Fing & IFTTT Applets
We’ve also extended our range of applets on IFTTT, with the introduction of our first trigger for users without a Fingbox. Use our new Outage Alert trigger to tweet at your ISP when their network goes down.
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Fingbox back in stock
The new-look Fingbox is now available on Amazon & NewEgg.
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Why we introduced ads in the app
In Fing App 8.2.4 we introduced ads in the free App to promote carefully selected products we picked ourselves and think our users will genuinely like and find useful. Ads help us earn revenue to keep Fing running. We don’t use external ad networks and your data is not shared. If you get a Fingbox, you won’t see ads.
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  • RichCreedyRichCreedy Member Posts: 33 ✭✭✭
    the buy now url links to ifttt fing page

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    the buy now url links to ifttt fing page

    Oh thanks for spotting that. That's being resolved!

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    We getting any updated "What's new..."  any time soon? June feels so, last season!

    (The Bear hunts for the door to exit quickly!)
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