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i searched for an answer and did not find a response. Not sur if this was asked before.
i love my fing app on my ios devices.
i just upgraded to ios 13 on my ipad and noticed that the dark mode of my fing app disappeared. The only way to get it back is to switch my ipad into the new dark mode available in ios 13.
My problem is I dont want everything in my ipad in dark mode... i just want the fing app in dark mode.
is there a way to get the dark mode back in the fing app WITHOUT switching to ios dark mode.
if not can this be included in a new app upgrade.

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  • Ciaran
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    @Goldbug thank you for the query. You are correct, the only way to get dark mode on ios is via the device settings. Unfortunately this is no longer possible directly via the app. Sure, I will turn this post into an idea. If people would also like to see this feature, please click 'Upvote' Thanks again
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)