Auto Update Beta 0.5.27 to 0.6.0 issues - Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1

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The auto-update function for 0.5.,27 to 0.6.0 took a very long time to complete on the order of 10 minutes.  Based on the network monitor it looked like the app was having difficulty connecting to the Fing servers.  This could be everyone updating at the same time.  When it finally completed the update it showed an unable to connect to Fing services error (repeatable). This was cleared by rebooting the computer (restarting the app did not work) and it appears to be functioning normally except for the network issues reported separately.


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    I opened the app today, to run the automatic update, but can't see anything happen.
    I'd expect a popup, or a menu item to check for updates. A progress indicator would be good to see update status.

    Same situation, MacOS Catalina
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