Monthly "Internet Performance Report" is my connection really that bad?

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Hi all, I seem to get consistently low scores in my monthly report (1.5 - 2 stars, and bottom 40% usually) my download speed is usually ~100 Mbps.  Also the report seems to be inconsistent as for July it shows at the top that I'm in the bottom 34% for my town (1.5 stars), but then later in the report it says top 50% in my town and gives 3 stars, what gives?


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    Isn't one rating your connection, and another rating your ISP?

    For example, the top of my report lists "How fast is your network", then after that it lists "Your ISP performance".
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    I've also found that my Fing report shows far worse Internet performance than I get if I measure it manually.  Is it possible the service used by Fing is more "pessimistic' than tools loke, telus, or shaw?
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    Fing use MLab, the server may be more remote to you.
    I think Fing use single connection not multi, performance results may vary. 
    Not much in my experience. 
    Fing tries to randomise time of scheduled test to avoid peak clashes, maybe this has some weird affect. 
    I would like to have fing test to my choice of server, that helps with our isp complaint process, unfortunately fing support said no. 
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    @tebasham sorry for any confusion - there's a lot of info in the Report. And thanks for your feedback - it will really help us improve.
    Firstly as @Pooh says, some ratings are for your ISP and some for your connection. As Comcast operate in many states and population densities, the experience each customer gets can be vastly different. 
    Also, don't pay too much heed to your ISP showing few stars and being in the bottom part of the scoreboard. Right, now we mix all types of ISP into one scoreboard, including residential suppliers alongside commercial providers (who can offer extremely high speeds); and also, if a large number of Fing users are on Fibre in your area, it might push that on good old ADSL down the ranks. Best to compare your ISP with others offering a similar service in your locality
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    Yes and as @keithatpda mentioned we're using MLAB speed measurement method. More details on that here:

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