Wifi Performance - not working

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WiFi performance test will not work

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    I happened to be browsing recent topics and had a look at yours. If you want answers, you really need to include your question in the topic title. A simple "Why?" won't usually catch the eye of someone who can answer. 

    I think the answer can be found in the image you supplied: "Not in WiFi. You must connect this device to a WiFi that can connect to Fingbox." Your Fingbox needs to be connected via Ethernet to a network that has WiFi, and your device (smartphone or tablet) running the Fing App must be connected via Wifi to that same network. According to the image, your device is connected to a WiFi network named "cricket". Evidently your Fingbox is not connected to this same network.
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    @pwmeek Is right on both accounts (except Cricket is the mobile carrier, not the SSID) - please be more descriptive in your title so it grabs the attention of the right people. Also, during the WiFi speed test, your device needs to communicate with your Fingbox. If it can't make that connection, the test will fail. Is there anything that could be blocking it? Are you on a 'guest' network by chance?
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