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Hi Folks. I've got a couple of smart bulbs (displaying as 'Beijing Winner Microelectronics') from Amazon here in the UK. I'm using a Samsung Note 10+ on Android 9. They are only two devices on my network, where, if I give them a name (or try to), the name doesn't show and it still retains 'Beijing Winner Microelectronics'. Note also that the name is indented compared to all others. Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve

Cheers! 😁, Steve

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    @StevePalmerUK I have not seen this behaviour previously. I will report it is an issue. In the meantime, purely for your own recognition purposes, to identify the device with your own label/name, it may be worth changing the view to 'Simplified'/'Standard' (I am not proposing this as a solution, more a work around for your own identification purposes). 
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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    @Ciaran Thanks! As a workaround, your suggestion worked perfectly. Big thanks!

    Cheers! 😁, Steve


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    I guess vendor name is so long that's overlapping the name you put.
    If you edit again the device, does the name you assigned appear in the device screen?
    If so, fing guys you should fix this layout stuff @Ciaran
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    Hey @Maya Thanks for the quick reply. Actually, I have other devices whose names are longer - and they allow me to rename them as I think the long name scrolls right. I can see the renamed err name if I go into the edit name screen for these two devices (so Fing *is* renaming it and remembering it) But it's just not displaying. Weird! Out of 40 devices, these are the only 2 that won't 'behave'.

    Cheers! 😁, Steve
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    This is something you see when the brand name/model is really long. I reported it ages ago and the issue was fixed, only to be reintroduced in an update.

    As another example Broadlink IR blasters show HangZhou Gubei Electronics Technology while a Philips TV has Top Victory Electronics (Taiwan).

    Curiously I am seeing Apple as the brand name/model for devices using virtual MAC addresses, so there is bug there too.

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