Devices in Dlink router (Extender mode)

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Good day! I am using my Dlink router as a wifi extender. How can i view the devices connected without connecting directly from the router? I attached my screenshot showing it has multiple ip.

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    Using a Wi-Fi extender is worst choice you can do noawadays, if you want to see and monitor them!
    The extenders hide the bridged devices and it's impossible for network monitoring tools to identify them.
    You can only see the IP addresses and that's it.
    I'd strongly recommend to for a mesh system instead.
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    In your network configuration, any devices connected to the D-Link router will be hidden behind a NAT address (the address of the router itself). You will not be able to see those devices from the 'outside'
    However, you can use a router as an access point if you put it into a bridge mode. It can be as simple as plugging the uplink into a LAN port instead of the WAN port. More likely you'll also need to disable DHCP server. In this method, all wireless clients are a part of the local LAN and do not get NAT'd through the access point, and therefore are completely visible to Fing.
    Similar to this diagram, but the access point would be your D-link router connected to a LAN port:

    41 4c 4c 20 59 4f 55 52 20 42 41 53 45 20 41 52 45 20 42 45 4c 4f 4e 47 20 54 4f 20 55 53


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    I agree. So its really easy if others want to set up a undetected camera on airbnbs. I thought that app would expose everything connected.

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