Grandstream Network device on Fing

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I see a device entry named as 'Generic Grandstream Network' on my Fing app.

Does someone know if theres any hidden camera related to this? What could be this device?

I am just worried if its spying me.

I donot have access to router admin details to get more on this.

Please help.



  • MarcMarc Member, Beta Tester Posts: 485 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Omni, do you have an amazon echo connect?  If you do that is your culprit as that’s what mine shows up as.
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  • OmniOmni Member Posts: 4

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for reply. No I do not have Amazon echo connect. What else it could be? Any hidden camera?

  • MarcMarc Member, Beta Tester Posts: 485 ✭✭✭✭✭
    They make a range of networked equipment like ip phones, WiFi, video conferencing equipment etc...  from their website, what they sell camera wise it would be fairly obvious looking (camera line below).  

    Do you use any ip based phone system?

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    @Omni Do you have a specific reason to be concerned that someone is spying with a planted camera?
    As @Marc said, they make a LOT of stuff, but none of it looks covert enough to hide in plain site. They make network hardware like wireless access points and routers. Maybe you should skim over their product pages and see if anything looks familiar in your environment:
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  • OmniOmni Member Posts: 4

    Thanks a lot. Only Laptop, iphones, Smart TV, Roku TV connector, iPad are being used at home in front of me which all are listed clearly as separate devices in the app. There is no security camera mentioned by you.

    I tried to find out about it by searching with its Mac Id online but it only showed Grandstream.

    Do you know if any hidden cam exists in fire alarm or in any lights located on ceiling, does it show up in Fing App?

  • MarcMarc Member, Beta Tester Posts: 485 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    From what I’ve read, Grandstream does not make hidden cameras and what they do make is too large to be hidden like that. 
    At this point your choices are to change your WiFi password (and SSID if you so choose) so it will not longer be able to piggy back off your WiFi. You could also purchase a Fingbox and use it to block the device. You could also setup you router to only allow known devices which should also stop it from connecting. 
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  • OmniOmni Member Posts: 4

    Thanks 👍

  • OrangeBucketOrangeBucket Member Posts: 10

    Grandstream seem big in VOIP telephony. Do you perhaps have one of those routers that you can plug analogue phones in, or something like that? What IP is the mystery device picking up? Something in the same range as your other devices or something looking a bit different like an x.x.x.254 address that might be suggestive of something built into the router?

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