Internet blocking does not work on TP link Deco M5 system

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After upgrading my network to a TP link deco M5 mesh system, in parental internet blocking does not work anymore. Error message from fing box is that the ipV6 adresses prevent the blocking. But ipV6 is disabled in the deco system.
What can i do else, to get the parental controls back?



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    I had this with tp link Omada and eap access points. I disabled mesh as all my access points are hard wired. Ipv6 was disabled anyway. In my opinion if you have a mesh network the blocking feature doesn’t work anymore, or at least it didn’t with my setup.
  • JosKoopmanJosKoopman Member Posts: 2
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    Tried to switch off the mesh feature in deco, but still not able to pause the internet.

    What does work is blocking the device all together. Unfortunately I have to do this manually every time I want to block the internet. There is no schedule option for blocking a device.

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    I am having the Fingbox as of 2017 and it works great. However, I changed my wifi with new deviced, TP-Link Deco M9 and facing the same issues. So my children can be online all the time. I am now managing it via the Deco app of TP Link which has similar functionality, but the delay function is what I really miss and the Fingbox is more user friendly. Is there a way to change it, or will there be updates soon to have the TP Link Deco M9 also fully working with the Fingbox?
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    Thanks for feedback all. With Mesh systems with more than 2 nodes, Fingbox has some discrepancies but as soon as there is an update that Fingbox is compatible with it, all users will be notified.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Are you working on a fix for this, because lots of us have mesh systems and need the blocking function working!!
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