Mesh-network setup problems

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My problem:
Converted single WiFi network to Mesh network by adding 3 additional mesh-nodes.
Got several problems:
- Clients disconnecting, or not able to connect.
- Fingbox(v1) reporting:
- mesh-node on/off-line
- clients with multiple IP
- nearby alerts
- clients trying to connect
- clients repeating on/off-line
- old clients with new name
This makes me questioning the config/setup on Fingbox!?
- is it interfering with the network connections?
- how do I set up so I do not get false alerts?

----- My Network ------------
Asus RT-AC5300 WAN-gateway, AiMesh-router
Fingbox v1
- set today (after problem started)
- fixed IP + enable slower network discover option
= still unstable
WiFi 5GHz-2 (hidden AiMesh-backbone):
Lyra AC2200 AiMesh-node
Lyra AC2200 AiMesh-node
Lyra AC2200 AiMesh-node
WiFi 2.4GHz + 5GHz-1 Smart Connect AiMesh-network:
Nintendo gameconsoles
Thankful for any suggestions

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    Hi @SM0GLF_Rolf, there is setting in the fingapp called slow network discovery.  You can access its setting by following this link to Fings support page for it..  Sometimes Fingboxes standard discovery interval can interfere with network devices and this is there is prevent it.  Give it a shot and let us know if it helped.
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  • SM0GLF_Rolf
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    Thanks, I changed it so we will se if helps.
    I also wonder how I should set up my mesh-nodes?
  • SM0GLF_Rolf
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    The change to "slow network discovery" did not solve the problem.
    Have also tried to assign fixed IP to main devices in the router DHCP-assign table.
    I still have problems with
    - mesh-nodes disconnecting and not able to reconnect to backbone wifi "trying to connect"
    - mesh-nodes notified as "nearby"(fence)
    - multiple ip on clients
    - clients get different names, sometimes with domainname added
    - Bonjour-names mixed between clients
    - after some time the main router gets overloaded, so can not connect to admin-web port, need to reboot
    - gets me wondering if the Fingbox is interferring with the Mesh-setup!?
    Regarding Fingbox:
    - Can you set it to use MAC-address for identifying each client?
    - Can you rebuild/reset the fingbox database:
        - without loosing manualy added info (location, icon ...)?
    Any suggestions very much appreciated, thanks!

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    Hi @SM0GLF_Rolf
    I will require further personal information related to your network set up. I have sent a personal email to you requiring information and you can reply to that email. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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