Deactivation A Old Fingbox thats not showing up in Account

Hello can any help deactivating an old fing box... I no longer have the router/modem it was connected too... But it shows up on new account as inactive... Thanks In Advance

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  • VioletChepilVioletChepil London, UKPosts: 2,474 admin
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    Hi @USG_wWw_Learning_101
    You will need to Login to the account previously connected with the Fingbox and then follow these steps!
    Then it will be ready for activation on the new account.
    • Locate the network name in the middle of the top bar of the screen – click on the drop-down arrow next to this.
    • This will take you through to the My Networks screen which contains a list of all your networks.
    • Swipe left on the Network with the Fingbox on it and click on the Deactivate that appears. This will remove the network you have already configured, freeing up Fingbox to be assigned to a new network.
    • After you have deactivated the Fingbox, you will be able to connect the box to the new network you’d like it to be on.
    • Just connect it to the new network you’d like to monitor and complete the onboarding again!
    Let me know any additional information you need.

    Community Manager at Fing

  • CiaranCiaran Posts: 220 admin
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    @USG_wWw_Learning_101 I will need to request some details off of you e.g. email address associated with Fingbox, MAC addresses etc. Hence I am going to write to you privately in order to help resolve your issue.


  • USG_wWw_Learning_101USG_wWw_Learning_101 Member Posts: 3
    Hey There!
    So I have 2 Fing Login Accounts. I dont see the fing box Activated in either Account (Meaning I dont see the Network Name to Chose from). However when I plug the OLD fing box into the modem I see the "Mac Address & NetSign" information of my OLD Box show/pop up on my New Fing Box that is working. (The Old Box says Services in Active but it has a Netsign"

    So does it matter which Fing Login Account I use when I attempt to rejoin the Old Fing Box seeing it doesn't show the network name connected too? Long story short I can fing the orginal account because I also trying loging in a couple times with an Apple ID.

    The weirdiest part is the Old Box is some how ACTING as if it's my MODEM with my ISP Provider.
    Is there a Phone Number I can Call you on? I will pay for your Assistance PLEASE!!

    Thanks Again!!!

  • USG_wWw_Learning_101USG_wWw_Learning_101 Member Posts: 3
    What email can I privately speak with you on? Thank You so Much!!!!!
  • CiaranCiaran Administrator Posts: 220 admin
    I have reached out to you privately. Thank you.
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