2nd fingbox detectable...MAC address supplied


i too have had a second Fingbox detected on my very private network. Oddly it was categorized as belonging to a friend...which I did not do. MAC address is 44:91:60:C5:5F:47. I do ave it blocked on my network.

any help is appreciated!


  • VioletChepil
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    Hi @ScooterDSM
    Is it plausible the Fingbox would have been configured on your network by a friend?
    I'm inquiring more details from @Ciaran about this. 

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  • ScooterDSM
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    Hi Thanks @VioletChepil for the response.

    i don’t believe that could be possible. Anyone with [approved] access to my network wouldn’t have access to my Fing account to configure it. Or is that not a requirement...?

    hypothetical: any friend that downloaded the Fing app that is on a private network with a fingbox can configure said Fingbox? Sorry if my question sounds juvenile, my training is certainly not in IT.

    thanks again for any help!

  • pwmeek
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    I haven't installed my V.2 Fingbox yet (so I can't check on my own network), but could you be seeing the 2.4 and 5 GHz connections for a single Fingbox? (I'm asking the Fing-techs, as @ScooterDSM has said he is unlikely know this.)
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    Pwmeek’s suggestion is reasonable. @ScooterDSM you can easily check from the Mac addresses of your fingbox. Unfortunately I do not own a v2 so I cannot check on my side.

  • Hronos
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    Hi @ScooterDSM
    Does this FingBox is "on" your network or "in range".
    If is "in range", maybe you are seen a close one, in a neighbor network.
    If is on your network, it has to be physically connected to it.  FingBox can't use their Wi-Fi antenas as a client, they are just for proving/monitoring the airs...
    Keep looking up!