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I have made some changes to my network setup recently. I opened my Fing app, and could see the old networks still there. I attempted to delete the networks without success. I logged in via a browser and was able to remove the two old networks. At the same time I got an email that my Fingbox had been deactivated. I have since then attempted to add the Fingbox back in, but still not been successful.  I have ensured my account has been restored on both iOS devices I am using. 

I have now deleted all networks from my account, and has started over. My Fingbox is pulsing green. When I try to add the Fingbox, it just says "Looking for Fingbox" and the app is locked in that state. The back arrow does not nothing.

The Fingbox has been rebooted multiple times in attempts to resolve this.


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    Hi @plawer
    Could you try a hard reset of the device?
    Here are the full steps to go through!
    Reset Fingbox
    1. Unplug the Fingbox power adaptor from the wall outlet
    2. Find the RESET hole beside the Fingbox power port
    3. Gently insert a paperclip in the RESET hole (very gently)
    4. While keeping the RESET button gently pressed, plug the power adaptor back in
    5. Keep the RESET button pressed for 30 seconds and release (or until a single white light flashes on the device)
    6. You should now see a single white light on
    7. After a few seconds, the top circle will start flashing, while the original factory software is loaded
    8. This process lasts for a few minutes (~3 min)
    9. A single white light will mark the end of the process
    10. Power off the Fingbox
    11. Wait 5 seconds
    12. Power it back on

    Please let me know if anything changes.

    Community Manager at Fing

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    It did not. My reset button has snapped off, so I tore the whole thing apart to reset it. It basically blinks a long and then two short green pulses. There were no changes to that. 

    I have also bought a new Fingbox that I connected today. It blinks the same green pattern and cannot be added from the app. 

    So basically, two fingboxes that are blinking the same way. It's a 1st gen that I tore apart. The new one is a 2nd gen.

    Could this be related to issues with my account? The account manager often shows that there's an error on my account, and I cannot seem to get that consistently resolved by clicking any of the buttons on the screen. 
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