Need help accessing Fing Desktop Beta? Send @ciaran a DM

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Hello all,
Some of you are having problems access the Fing Desktop Beta. I'm sorry about this! We're getting people on as quickly as possible. Our team is based in the UK. 

Please send me a DM about this to @Ciaran and we'll get you sorted as soon as we can.
I'm sorry about this, there are a few reasons this may have happened:
  • you may have unsubscribed from our mailing list
  • your community account was not created in advance (and we could not adjust your permissions to give you access to the closed beta group) 
  • you are in the last group we'll let on (due to keeping things manageable)
We're learning too through this experience and can definitely improve this process for future beta's. 
Thanks for your patience! We'll help each of you as soon as we can. 

Community Manager at Fing



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