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It has just been reported that London and the South-East of England are suffering from huge power cuts due to the weather.

Keep safe out there!


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    I've just seen this one now! Feel free to add @VioletChepil next time if you want to draw me into the conversation! 
    I did actually see this on the news last week. Thanks for reporting ^^ 

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    It was pretty unusual for the UK - hit some regions worst; in London - where we are - it was the transport system that took the brunt.
    But I don't think it was the weather that caused it (though it has been awful this summer), I understand two back up systems failed simultaneously when there was a surge in demand. The National Grid are investigating how it happened.
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    A few years back Cincinnati got hit exceptionally hard by an extremely set of violent winds - not tornadic but straight line. It was so bad that pretty much every house in the city lost power for hours, days and, even in some remote examples, weeks.

    Tree's where down everywhere. The roads were impassable for many for days. It was horribly expensive.

    Somehow we got spared - our small cul-de-sac and another were one of the few who were unaffected by the power outage - although we did loose cable for a day. Power outages are funny things...
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