The Death Star Rises Again

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Imagine just going through life, your every day taking care of one issue after another when you receive a bill from The Death Star,  who attempts to collect an amount of $245.00 for Business Class internet service  (150 Down, 25 Up), when our usual bill was around $100.
No modem rental, no other services just the internet ...
The Rebellion reaches out to inquire on the rate hike, and receive their usual explanation:
"You're out of contract, would you like to renew with us?"
No notice, no call before the hike ... just raise the amount that we wish to collect.
Given that the only service provider in all of Tatooine is Dark Empire Internet Service, we ask for a quote.
This is where it gets interesting:
"We can give you the same speed that you already have, for the low low cost of $109.95 for the next three years of servitude.  That's an incredible savings of $136.00 a month!"
Your mind boggles and wonder how something like this can even happen.  Then you remember the demise of Net Neutrality a few years ago.  Death Star ISP can literally raise the dark side force shield and revel in their interrogation tactics, then play like Jedi with their 'incredible savings'

"There's a fine line between audacity and idiocy."
-Warden Anastasia Luccio, Captain