Alerts on very long threads: Check your notification preferences

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edited August 9, 2019 in Community Updates #1
Hi all,
I know some of you following some threads that are very long (such as the feedback on Community Categories thread) could be getting a bit annoyed.  
I'm checking with our platform provider to see if there is a way to disable notifications on certain threads without modifying the global settings and will aim to update everyone ASAP. Please bear in mind, this thread is for our launch founders and will close down eventually. I know it's a very long one...I'm also thinking of other ways to handle this situation. 
In the meantime, you could 
  • Turn off: "Notify me when people comment on discussions I've participated in." under and STAR the threads you want alerts on
  • Put up with the alerts, and create a filter in your email for the title: What do you think of the Fing community categories?
I'm sorry about this and hope to come back to everyone with a good solution.
Thank you for your patience. 

Community Manager at Fing