Is it possible to set bandwith limit for specific devices connected to Wifi?

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At home, there is a user which, upon connecting to the Wifi network, sucks all the bandwidth towards his device, letting the rest of us with poor navigation speed. Someone told me about the Fing app and the box, and I have been looking if I can use them to limit the bandwidth to specific devices or groups of devices connected to Wifi. For me, that would be the whole purpose of buying the box or getting the app.
Could someone please let me know if this is possible and how?
Thank you in advance.

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    Hi @Kck and welcome to the community!
    The bandwidth limitation can't be set from FingBox/App at the moment, as discuses before in the community, the feature may deteriorate your network performance even more.  This kind of control is more a job of your router (the true gateway) if it has the option.
    Keep looking up!