Any great tips and tricks for Fingbox available?

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I use the fingbox in my home network. I have basic knowledge of networking but am far from an expert. Some parts of the app are straightforward even for people with no netwerking knowlegde. But other parts require more technical knowledge. More than I have right now but I would like to learn. Please share your special routines so we can all benefit. Thanks on behalf of all.
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    Thanks for this thread. I am just modifying the title a bit to include Fingbox and moving it over to the Fingbox category. 

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    One great feature is the ability to look up a device and know its IP address.  Most of my network is DHCP and from time to time I might need to access the web interface of a device to configure it.  Think network printers.  Ad DHCP addresses can change, (yes I know I can set a reservation but I'm also lazy) With fing I look up the device, because in most cases fingbox identifies the device by brand, and voila, IP address in hand and now I can just http to the IP address.  Very handy especially when I am using the app from the phone.  Best part is it requires very little technical knowledge to look up a device.
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