Cannot connect to Denon.

The “Pronet” option is no longer showing up and I cannot connect to my Denon. Any ideas on how to fix this?


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    Hi @Shaila
    Is this something you are trying to access from the Fing App?
    If you could provide a bit more information about this option that would be great.
    Any screenshots would definitely help too.

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  • Shaila
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    I’m supposed to be able to use the Fing app. In the passed it would give me the “Pronet” option like the picture above but that option is not showing up , options for my other devices are still there just not the “Pronet” option.

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    Hi @Shaila
    Is this a kind of remote access? 
    If so, this is not offered in the Fing app.
    When was the last time that you used this feature? 
    And what does the feature do? 

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    Looking at the screenshot, brought back a bit of nostalgia for me.  A serial connection and a null modem cable?
    Looking online it appears that this device is used for a home media server?  Has anything in your network upgraded recently?
    If your SSID for the wireless connection isn't showing, chances are that device (since it's using dated technology to communicate) is looking for a WIFI network signal that it supports.  Think WIreless B, G, N, etc.
    If something has upgraded that directly influences your wireless access point, your device may not see it.
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    Found this link to the HTDNET-MC "user's manual" online:
    According to the instructions, you need to connect a Cat5e cable (sometimes referred to as a network or LAN cable), which is not included, from the HTDNET-MC server, to your network/wifi router. It uses a "wired" connection, and not a "wireless" one. Assuming you are using the same network/wifi router when it was working, and nothing has changed, things I'd check are:
    1. Cat5e cable - Is it cut, bent, broken? Is one end plugged into the HTDNET-MC server, and the other into your network/wifi router?
    2. Power Supply to the HTDNET-MC server - Is it plugged in? Cut, broken, or bent? Wall outlet or power strip have power?
    3. HTDNET-MC server - Is the "power" LED lit? Is the "10/100 Mb Link" LED lit? Is the "Status" LED lit? Is the "10/100 Activity" LED blinking?

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