Suddenly my FingBox(es) has lost connectivitiy and can't connect.

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Hi everyone,  I've tried rebooting, another patch cable, resetting the box, another switch, a port directly on my router, and a brand new FingBox with no luck.  Has the Fing servers service gone down??
Please help!


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    hi @ah2932
    We've got no reports or updates about servers down. Does this issue still persist today? If you have tried two Fingbox and are having the same issue, it could be a local network issue. 

    Is the Fingbox LED in any color state?
    Have you also tried resetting the box?
    Has your router or access point changed?
    Let me know any other information you have. 

    Community Manager at Fing

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    Hi, it could be a local firewall (on the router maybe) than prevent the FingBox to connect to the Fing Servers.
    Keep looking up!
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    All, thanks for assisting, but I'm still not back online.  Both boxes whether the older one or the brand new one, have a slow pulsating orange light.  The reset button doesn't seem to do anything and I've power-cycled for longer than a minute.  My router has not changed and I set all the necessary ports to be open as:  "80, 443, 4443, 5671. In addition, the ports needed for the Internet Speed Test, provided by M-Lab include 3001, 3002, 3003"
    Thanks, A.
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  • ah2932
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    Thank you so much for your responses.  As a last consequence, I've deleted the Fingboxes from my router and have re-initiated them.
    Successful and happy now!