Windows 10 20H1 is palnning on another change in Algorithm

I been a tester on Microsoft team since TechNet and Vista. I have "S", Redstone, and the newest one that is just MN32, that is Linux core (Not VM). With the newest shell that M$ is putting out, the new Python integration, and the possibility of bringing Android System Development into a Windows environment as part of OS. Is this beta going to follow? Right now, 10S and 10N are different animals, and react differently to to the functionality of software as how it reacts to the OS, especially System32 family tree, which becomes very picky on how it uses specific software that invokes even a glimpse of security aggregation. And with the new cloud situation, where M$ apps have to pass through their server NDIS before it can be installed. How is this going to impact the Fing app in future builds?


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    Last I've heard - our Fing Desktop Beta is going to be tested by some users on the Windows 10 beta. I've not heard of any further impact. 
    @Carlo_from_Fing anything to add? 

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    Yes, looking forward to have Fing Desktop beta tested on all Windows and Mac variants!

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