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Good evening all. I have a complete Network made up of Ubiquiti UniFi gear. when I enable blocking or implement a schedule for my son's gaming systems or other devices it blocks all streaming media and gaming systems on the network. This is devices that are not included in his selected device is under his profile.

I really need to set up this limiting factor for the network to keep his grades up in school and also to make sure that he's doing his work that he's assigned any help with this would be great.


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    Hi @RockingRon68
    Welcome and hopefully I can help you troubleshoot.   
    Are you certain that rest of the devices are blocked as well? Can you see if you can go to any website and if the device is working?
    How are you implementing the block? Are you doing this from the device list or by pausing a single user? And is by user, are those devices not connected to that user? 
    Let me know and we can take it from there!

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