Why speed test are to India when located in UAE ?

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The fing box chooses by default as India for Country to test the internet speed. While it might cater for people connecting to services in India, many users connect more to GCC, Europe or US services.

Why not allowing the user to choose ?


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    Hi @Thibaudl, there's a map of all M-Labs servers here. This is the tech on which our speed test is built. There's also an explanation as to how the "best" server is chosen. (BTW I'm moving this to the Fingbox discussion area - hope that's OK)

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    It makes sense, although Middle East is quite empty.

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    I still would like to have the option for us to change the default locale. What may make most sense to M-Lab may not make the most sense to someone else. For example here in Cincinnati, my fingbox hits the Windy City in Illinois. For all I know my ISP could have a far better backbone to the nation's capital, Washington DC, where there's another M-Lab server.

    It would be nice to see if this is indeed the case.
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    Our isp/rsp's  only accept speed tests via their designated testers and methods. 
    So my fabulous fing monthly reports are useless, a very sad situation.
    I asked fing to provide an optional speed tester, idea rejected. 
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