How to watch a device

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    One more thing,at one point I was able to watch a device.However I've since lost how to do that again.Can you help on where to find that selection again

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    Hello again @AnonymousUser99
    I've just split this last question off to answer it over here in Fingbox section. 
    You can watch a device from your Fingbox digitalfence. 
    - Visit People -> FENCE

    How to Watch A Device from DigitalFence and Set Up Alerts
    • So, you’ve seen a device that you want to keep an eye on? Well, it could not be more simple!
    • Once you have found the device within the DigitalFence, click on the device. (Adjust the range if needed to get the device) 
    • This will bring up the Device Details Page – from here you will also see a log of that device’s history.
    • Click on Watch Device.
    • This will bring up a pop-up that gives you the option to name that device, i.e. The Postman.
    • Click ‘Watch’ and this will automatically set up the alerts that will tell you when that device moves in and out of range of your Fingbox.
    • The alerts will arrive in the same format you have set up for other alerts on your Fingbox (either push notifications, email, or both).
    • Once you have selected to watch a device it will then appear in your network Devices List.
    Note: a watched device appearing in your Devices List does not mean it is now connected to your network. It appears here for your convenience so you no longer have to search for it in the DigitalFence. It will say ‘In range’ under it and have a green eye symbol next to it which indicates it is in range of your Fingbox rather than connected to your network. 

    More details about your fence:

    Let me know anything else you need!

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