Cisco Layer3forwarding? Is someone accessing my WiFi?

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Help why i don’t understand any of this. My phone is acting up it won’t let me change my iCloud or google password and I stay off of my Wifi bc I believe someone is accessing it. What does the layerforwarding etc mean? Why is my cell S6S appearing as the same ip as the router or whatever the CGM is


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    Hi @Sseals
    Sorry to hear your concerns.

    Secure your network:
    If you think someone is accessing your WiFi - the best thing to do is immediately change your router admin/password.
    What kind of router do you have? I'm happy to help you find any instructions.

    Location permissions:
    As for the IP address being the same, this could be related to location permissions. 
    Can you follow these steps?
    Can you check the app settings and make sure location is set to ALWAYS (for best performance)?
    This allows Fing app to read network name etc. on iOS 13 and Android 10. 
    To make sure all permissions are enabled correctly: 
    • Set location permissions to ALWAYS in app settings
    • Open Fing App and go to ‘Network’ tab
    • Click on the ISP name and it will open the Network page
    •  Clear out the Network information such as Address
    • Next, to the MAP section, there is a small icon to auto-detect location. Click on the icon 
    • Try scanning again 
    Let me know if that changes anything.  

    I've found this document online from Cisco: 

    Anyone else have anything to add on Cisco layer3forwarding? 
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    Just a quick Googling:
    * are you using a Technicolor or Xfinity/Comcast modem/router? (they appear to all identify as and are possibly made by Cisco)
    * what exactly do you mean by your phone has the same IP as the router? If you are connected to the router's wifi, then to the world (e.g. both will appear to have the same public IP address
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    Let us know @Sseals

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    I just factory reset my router (which is the same Technicolor Xfinity CGM4140COM model.) Normally after a factory reset, the network shows as Dynamic IP but this time it’s showing this:

    Isn’t Layer3Forwarding something that has to be manually configured?

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    I believe that simply means the router can forward VLAN tagged traffic by default. You can likely disable those UPnP settings in the router configuration portal, but It should have no affect on your network if you aren't using VLANs.
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    Some routers have UPnP enabled, by default, too. If the router was factory reset, or turned on for the first time, UPnP will, most likely, be enabled. Layer3Forwarding appears to be a UPnP service, so, no, it doesn't have to be manually configured. If UPnP is enabled, Layer3Forwarding can be automatically enabled/setup, along with the other two services.

    Xfinity has the Xfinity Wifi Home Hotspot feature:
    "How does the Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot work?
    Your Wireless Gateway broadcasts an additional xfinitywifi network signal for use with Xfinity WiFi. This creates an extension of the Xfinity WiFi network right in your home that any Xfinity Internet subscriber can use to sign in and connect. This Xfinity WiFi service is completely separate from your secure home WiFi network."

    My guess is, in order for the "xfinitywifi" to connect to the Internet, it must connect through your Xfinity Wifi Internet connection. Those three UPnP services would allow that to happen.

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    When I completely reset my router/modem back to factory and reactivated it, the UPnP option mysteriously reappeared in the admin console. Yes, it was enabled by default and I left it that way until I got all my devices reconnected; then I disabled it.