What smart home doorbell camera are you using?



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    Have original Ring, but far too many false motion detections even after turning down sensitivity. No recording unless you pay $3/month. Stable, but not very useful.

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    What about WUUK on indigogo?
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    As far as nest vs ring, they have different pros and cons.  The ring will work in situations you have a sketchy transformer (low power) and it will of course be available to all police officers potentially with amazon's policy.  If you already have an amazon echo or other devices, the ring probably makes sense. If you have google devices, the nest makes the most sense. 

    I have a nest hello as well as some of their cameras.  I think regardless of brand, they're going to have some wifi issues depending on range and proximity of your router/access point.  In my case, it rarely disconnects if I leave it on the low quality setting.  On high it has serious issues staying connected.  I have two Unifi access points, not consumer grade stuff and a business class cable package. Even when the high setting worked, it would use a lot of bandwidth. It was noticeable and I have 30Mbps upstream.  The integration with google home hubs is awesome though and the apple tv app usually works ok to see cameras as well.  It's gotten pretty good at detecting package delivery and removal of packages from our porch in the last few months with a nest aware subscription.  I do notice false positives at night with cars driving by on activity.  Headlights trigger it even if it's setup for a specific area and to look for faces.   Since you have to checkout the transformer power for the doorbell and know a fair amount about your doorbell before starting installation, I think the nest is a little harder to work with.  They actually recommend an installer although I had no problem doing it myself once i figured out the specs on the transformer.  Before you buy, find out what transformer you have.  
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