New Zealand users?

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Not many posts here in the Other Countries category, and wondering if there's anyone else from NZ in the forums? 
We're in Northland, using Uber (not the taxi company!) with their wifi network around the region. Would be interested to see where Fing is being used and how people find the ISP ratings it provides in NZ. Are there enough users to make the data accurate and meaningful?


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    Hi @PaulP welcome to the Fing Community. It's open to all - wherever you're from - although only English-speaking for now.
    Our ISP data for NZ is here:
    And it's probably not comprehensive. In fact Uber doesn't feature in any of our listings currently. But that doesn't mean we're not monitoring it for outages - outages on MyRepublic have been showing up recently but does not yet rank in the scoreboards.
    According to our data, Spark looks like the biggest ISP - we've seen tests from over 700 devices and 65 users have provided ratings. But it's not the fastest or most loved - that accolade goes to Bagpipe (although that view is based on tests from just 20 users and 5 user ratings). 
    When you say Uber's "wifi network" - is that something like WiMax - ie. you don't have a wired broadband access point? What's the service like? 
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    We're still in beta also, and so I think we'll find more members for you to connect with once we go fully live. We can promote again then! 

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    Kia Ora Paul,  Jed here in the BOP.  I just raised the same question (roughly) before I saw your post.  I'm with NOW and wondering the same thing, although I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea that they're in the lower half of the providers even based on limited data.  On a side note, have you tried sharing your monthly results with your ISP?  Mine don't (Orcon before and NOW currently ) as they are focused on Speedtest but I am a bit disappointed that they aren't willing to look especially when it shows trends.