Moved my Fingbox

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I have two locations, one in AZ one in CA. They both have the same SSID.
I moved my Fingbox from AZ to CA and plugged it in there.
I bought a new one for AZ.
I can only see one of my locations. I suspect it is because of the same network ID's but perhaps not.
Any ideas on how to fix so I can see both locations in my account?


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    Have you deactivated the FingBox before moving it from one network to the other?  If not, the FingBox on the new location will have the name you give it at setup (It ask for a name and you can set the network name or any other you want).

    If in the new location the FingBox works without problems and the FingApp shows "connected" the devices on that location and "disconnected" the devices on the other location, it maybe a problem because the FingBox and FingApp are interpreting it as one network.  Don't know if this could work, but try to re-setup the second box on the original location and give it a different name (not the same of the network or the other FingBox) and see what happens.
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    Thanks @Hronos
    here are the steps to move Fingbox to a new network:
    Move Fingbox to a New Network
    • Visit the Networks screen which contains a list of all your networks.
    • Swipe left on the Network with the Fingbox on it and click on the Deactivate that appears. This will remove the network you have already configured, freeing up Fingbox to be assigned to a new network.
    • After you have deactivated the Fingbox, you will be able to connect the box to the new network you’d like it to be on. 
    As for the SSID -> you'd definitely need to deactivate to have that changed.
    When you move the Fingbox to the new network, Fingbox retains the old SSID name. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no way to change the name of the SSID with the current SSID. The problem here is due to the fact that the SSID is saved in the network when the user perform the scan using the Fing App (also when onboarding the Fingbox). After this 1st scan, all other scans are being done by the Fingbox itself, but since the Fingbox is connected through a wired LAN cable, it's not capable of detecting new SSID(s) in the network. At the moment, apart from uninstalling the Fingbox and reinstalling it, there is no way of updating the SSID.

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