Cell phone,wifi,router - My router appears to be compromised

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I have had 4 phones hacked to the point of being shut off and every account I have online is either compromised or I no longer have access to, in the begin, I believed through my own fault and careless ways of not securing phones that were giving away or missing, but now I realize there is more to blame then me, and HE told me, he would always be in my stuff, via text,from a unknown number, as I stood purchasing my new phone 2 weeks ago.(now hacked)

My router appears to be compromised also and I feel it's the reason of my phones being hacked,3 different carriers,4 different phones,6 different numbers,and Apple and Google Pixal 4 assure me it's not their fault. Despite the hours on the phone with Comcast and four routers changed, I still cannot get any help from Comcast. I have been on the phone with Comcast for 5 hours this week alone to still have no answers.

If I buy my own personal modem/router will I get to change my IP address? I see this morning the IP address I seem to have at the moment has been reported to have questionable behavior,ha including spamming and is blacklisted.

My mood is grim as I feel terrorized,stalked,hacked daily.

forgive my ignorance

Please advise, thank you in advance

And my name is



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    Thanks for the post @Reeree
    have you changed your router admin/password?
    This is the first step to securing your network. Let us know what kind of router you have and maybe we can help with instructions too. 

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    Just moved this one over to the Network security category and I added a bit to your title to try and get a few more responses on this one! 

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    @Reeree , you might not have to get a new router...  You could always factory reset it and then change its password to only something you know.  With your phone, also change its password, your google or apple web password etc. Make sure the password hints are changed to only something you know and check that no one else is on the accounts you use but you.  Use two factor authentication where using your password on your google or apple accounts, aka it would require another authentication item after you use a password like a PIN number that's sent to your phone etc before you can log in.

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    I would do a factory reset restore on all cellphones. And wipe and reinstall any computers that you use to go online. If you hate the thought of clearing your hard drive boot to a live os like tails https://tails.boum.org/install/

    That way if any nefarious software is installed it wont be running while you are online. I do this for all banking.

    Good luck

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    I had a similar issue with compromised devices infecting my other devices. It took me about 4 months of researching and digging through boot logs, monitoring network activity, buying new devices and testing potential mitigation before I understood how my malware kept spreading. Bluetooth!

    This was in sept 2017 before apple patched a heap of BTLE vulnerabilities. But yeah, my macs and iphone/ipad/appletv would somehow connect to surrounding devices and exploit them. Bluetooth would appear to hang and i couldnt turn it off on my mac/iphone, when i got a new device and i booted it near an infected one it would take ages to boot, flicker between apple boot logo screens and the UI and back to boot logo. Internet would die on a device and then i would notice that Bluetooth power toggle button wouldnt work.

    i bought a new iphone x in Jan 2018, didnt take my old iphone to the shop with me, got a replacement sim, started a fresh apple ID and turned bluetooth off in the store, and managed to keep it clean for 6 months, and then stupidly i did a software update to ios 12 whilst connected to the wifi of a router i knew was infected and suddenly all those familiar symptoms reappeared.

    As far as i know, my devices are still all infected. After about a year of pulling my hair out i just accepted it and moved on.

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    Hello, There are some really good suggestions here. It’s kind of sad to learn that so many people have these dramatic, gut-wrenching relationships with their devices.

    I was moved by this guy here when he said he knew he was infected. He had to walk away from his devices (and list price of iPhone X is $999.99)

    You suddenly get that crappy feeling you get when you know “this is going to stink and it’s going to be expensive”. I lost a laptop and credit charges to a hacker.

    Stay on your guard. There are bad people who want what’s on your computer. The loss to hackers and viruses can be overwhelming. It can be your whole life on a hard drive.