To many visitors on my network

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When I connect my fingbox to my modem router. There was an error displaying this embed. There was an error displaying this embed.

I get 254 new devices on my network. It gets so busy on my modem that I can't use the internet anymore. And I can't block them. What is going on here?



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    What's the situation now?

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    hi @Johan
    Welcome and thanks for your question. 
    Is this a pubic or personal network? 
    Networks can usually hold devices up to a certain amount of devices typically 255. 
    @Mark @Hronos @kltaylor @Pooh @Pixelpopper - anything further on the maximum number of devices a network can hold?
    From this quick search, seems networks can have up to 255 devices on them: 

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    A local area network (LAN) can hold as much devices as the configured network Class can manage, and a Wireless LAN (aka WLAN) is part of that network.
    So, if you have a Class C network (the most common network configuration, the default on any home grade router, with a "sub net mask" of: you can only get 255 IP Addresses, from 0 to 255, but the 0 and 255 values are always reserved (255 is sort of a broadcast value).
    Adding to that, if your networking gear is not capable to route that many devices at the same time (with an asterisk, because they are not all really using your router/AP at the same time always), the limit is not on the network but in the hardware itself.
    Now, if the FingBox say that there are that many devices on your network, is just for two reasons:
    1. You have that many devices connected at the same time on your network and they are all using your internet bandwidth for some allowed reason.  Or
    2. Your network is been grossly piggybacked by a lot of devices.
    If the 1st, you may need to reconfigure your network to allow more devices, or maybe better, segregate your devices on different sub-nets to better control them.
    If the 2nd, I recommend a full reset of all your network gear, changing the admin passwords on all that gear to a never used one, change you Wi-Fi SSID and password also, and Configure your Fingbox first of all other device (after the router of course xD) so you can know one by one with device you are allowing to your new network.
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    There is certainly something very strange going on, are the devices actually using different ip addresses or does the same is address appear in each entry. Also, are the Mac addresses different? This would be a clue to wether or not the entries are different devices or one faulty device “calling” for an IP address multiple times (& locking the address) I have seen this happen in the past.
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    Thanks all @Hronos @Pixelpopper
    @Johan let us know the answers to the questions so we can help further.

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