why can I not run a wifi analyzer on my iphone

why can I not run a wifi analyzer on my iphone

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    Hi @PTK_Chief_23646
    I'm not too sure about WiFi Analyzer myself. Is this an app you are trying to use?
    I wonder if there are other users on this community who could help you. Anyone else using WiFi Analyzer? 

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    WiFi Analyzer for iOS was dropped some time ago due to rstrictions in using private API. It is not possible to obtain required information from iPhone HW without breaking Apple rules. Later on access to required API even on jailbroken devices was disabled, effectively making development of this type of application impossible for iOS. Very sad... WiFi Analyzer was one of the most frequently used apps for me. Keeping old Android phone just for this ;-)
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    Thank you very much for the information.  Much appreciated


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