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Fingbox is able to monitor upload/download bandwidth. Can we get a website/IP connection list per device with maybe a notification if there is an "evil" connection to one for my devices?
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  • Bryce
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    I don't know that the fingbox tech will allow for this, but I too would love to be able to inspect what websites my kids are visiting. However I don't want too go to the trouble of setting up a separate filtering firewall appliance too get these reports, so here's hoping it is possible.

    Regards, Bryce.

  • SamiJankiss
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    @JEspo @Bryce
    I'll echo these sentiments, but I'd broaden/simplify any such capability to include any IPv4 or IPv6 activity
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    Just turning this one into an ideas thread so others can vote. Cast your vote if you'd like to see implemented too.

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