Community Guidelines (Updated Jan 2020)

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We have created the Fing Community to bring people together with the aim of being:

‘The go to place for all things technology, connected devices, troubleshooting & home networks.’

We have created some basic Community Guidelines. This is a live document & will be updated as we grow

Fing Community Guidelines


Participation will keep the Community a more beneficial place both for you & for the rest of the Community e.g.:

- Start a discussion/comment on existing discussions

- Ask questions or answer questions

- React to posts: like/agree if you find useful

- Create a poll

Before Posting:

Search First

If you have a question, before posting, use the search function (at the top of the home page) to see if you can find an answer from a previous thread. If the question has been previously asked, this will be the quickest way to find an answer, whilst also avoiding unnecessary duplication. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to post a question on the Community.

Choose a Category

When posting, initially choose a relevant Category. Keeping posts in the correct category will help to keep categories tidy, help with searchability for other users & hence better responses to your post.

'Helping Hand': Choosing a Category

Stay on Topic

To keep each discussion as clean as possible, please stay on the topic of the discussion. If you have something unrelated you would like to discuss, please start a new discussion/post.

Say Thank you

When you receive responses, pick a “best answer” if you find an answer useful.

This lets other users know that they can find a good answer in the thread if they face a similar issue.

'Helping Hand': Accepting an Answer

Be Welcoming, Inclusive & Respectful

Be welcoming & respectful towards other members. No question is too simple. We want to ensure that our Community remains a welcoming place for all members.

Engage with other Members

The Fing Community is about connecting people. Add other members to your conversations by using the @username action.

Keep your Personal Details Private

Do not post any personal information or photos that you wouldn’t want to be seen by the public. Use DMs if you need to send something privately.

Keep it Clean

Do not post inappropriate, hateful or illegal content (including usernames & profile pictures). Do not post copyrighted material without proper attribution. Do not post/share any SPAM.

Fing Community is not a place for:

- Aggressive/abusive/discriminative behavior (Passive/Direct)

- Confrontation

- Promotional material

- Anything that compromises people’s security

Help Moderate

If you see something inappropriate. You can choose to mark the content as either Spam/Abuse or Report it. You can then enter an explanation as to why you think it should be flagged. Flagging inappropriate content helps keep our Community ‘clean’. Our Admin team will then review the post & take any necessary action.


You are responsible for any content that you post. Please ensure you have permission to post any information/content (where necessary) & will not cause harm to anybody by making it public.


In the event of a dispute, Fing Admins will reach out to all parties & do our utmost to treat all parties fairly & objectively to assist with a resolution.

Breach of Guidelines

Breaches of guidelines may result in posts being edited, removed or suspension of an account (though this would be very much a last resort).

I hope you enjoy the Fing Community. If you have any thoughts on improving the Community, do not hesitate to discuss them below.

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