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Is there any way to set up the fingbox to reboot routers or access points?  And if there is, can you set up a schedule?  This would be very helpful in refreshing connected home devices that go offline.
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  • gfondeur
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    I wish we can do that, but I think it's a little bit complicated, you would have to grant the Fingbox access to your router and hope for them to be able to interact with each other.

  • Lee_Bo
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    There a way to do that via IFTTT, but don't hold me to that.
  • Gidster
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    This is not something we can do today, I'm afraid. But we'll add it to the feature request list. (BTW moving this to the Fingbox discussion area)
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  • Marc
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    This would be a great use for a wemo type switch but I could not find a native way to recycle it.  You can schedule to turn it off and then on but...  once off it will lose connectivity to the network and I do not know once offline if still remembers its schedule to turn back on.
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  • VioletChepil
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    Just turning this one into an ideas thread so others can vote. Cast your vote if you'd like to see implemented too.

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  • DocPaul
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    Great idea - my Spark (NZ) router needs rebooting every other day.