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YsbrandYsbrand Member Posts: 2
Every now and then I see that my speed tests are going down the drain. It turns out that in all these cases the linespeed between the fingbox and the switch did drop to 100FDX (should be 1GB). This happened with 2 different switches (Dell / Ubiquiti). Forcing the switchport to 1GB results into "no connection" when this condition occurs. Only powercycling the fingbox seems to cure the problem.
Any ideas/suggestion

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  • VioletChepilVioletChepil London, UKPosts: 2,232 admin
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    Thanks @Ysbrand just let us know and we can take the thread from there. 

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  • MarcMarc Member Posts: 427 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Ysbrand , there have been some threads on this in the forums which seem to point to the power supply being used for the box.  Have a look and see if it helps.  if not, @VioletChepil or one of the other Fing folks can lend a hand when she's back on-line.
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  • VioletChepilVioletChepil London, UKAdministrator Posts: 2,232 admin
    Thanks for your question @Ysbrand
    We'll need to confirm the ethernet cable is not broken. 
    As you restart the Fingbox, it forces the network to reach its full speed but if there is any damage on the cable, the speed will drop.

    Could you also try any Cat 6 or Cat 7 cable and then see if the network link is dropping or not?

    Let me know and then we can take it from there.

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  • YsbrandYsbrand Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, I will replace the ethernet cable and also look into the comment on the power supply. Will take same time as the error does not occur at will.
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