Create catagories for accepting device access

I used to have an extra guest ssid for my kid's friends, so I could offer them Internet without giving them the golden (wifi) key to my network. Unfortunately the Fingbox then wasn't able to see those devices. I could kill the guest network and give them access to the general wifi. Then Fingbox would see them.

Wouldn't it be great if I could set up different accessprofiles in Fingbox? So that I could create an Internet-only profile, and select it upon the device's first connection. My network would be happy.
It would be even nicer if I could define per device which profiles would have access to it. Then I could give access to the printer, to eachother in the same profile, but not to the NAS.
And for devices that I do not want to access the Internet, do not give access to the Internet.

Would this be possible to implement?
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