why Fingbox marks as Access Point an ORBI Satellite

VirtutesiderumtenusVirtutesiderumtenus Member Posts: 3
I have 1 RBR20 ORBI Router with 2 satellites RBS20. 
Fing defines correctly in the devices list the Router as a RBR20 (Gateway)  but marks one of the satellites as the network access point.
Why? How can I change this setting?
thank you all

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  • MarcMarc Posts: 427 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Try the steps indicated via the link above.  Effectively you connect the phone with your fing app to the orbi not being recognized and scan the network. That should help the Fingbox recognize the Orbi properly. 
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  • MarcMarc Member Posts: 427 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Virtutesiderumtenus, welcome to the forums.  Are you asking why Fing can’t recognize them by their commercial name versus the generic Access point name?  Can we assume Fing is seeing the other extender as well the same way?  There is a support article on helping Fing do a better job of recognizing access points you can try.  Go to this link...  See if this help identification...  If this doesn’t work, @VioletChepil from Fing can probably provide additional directions to take.
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  • VirtutesiderumtenusVirtutesiderumtenus Member Posts: 3
    Hi Marc! thank you very much for your quick answer.
    the first time I installed my network, Fing correctly recognized the Orbi Router as AccessPoint and the two satellites as simple network clients.  After a network reset following an electrical blackout, Fing now indicates one of the two satellites as the AccessPoint of the network, while as clients the real router and the other satellite.  I don't know how to tell fing the right configuration again.  greetings!
  • VirtutesiderumtenusVirtutesiderumtenus Member Posts: 3
    Done, and now I have a little improvement! now also the real router is indicated as accessPoint.
    Thank you Mark!
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    Just moving this one over to the Fingbox category here:

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