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I recently discovered the wider usage of the FingBox via IFTT (https://ifttt.com/fing) and have to say I'm finding it very handy.

What would be nicer though is if it could be set-up via a more local dashboard or indeed even via the Fing app. There's a lot of potential there but I guess many FingBox users either don't know of the capability or might have trouble in setting it up. Some simple local way to do it (e.g. via a local webpage hosted on the box) might expand on people making use of this semi-hidden potential of the box?

Indeed it seems that the whole IFTTT integration thing is something that should be publicised and pushed more strongly here as it's great!
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    Thanks for the suggestion @DarrenHill. Glad to hear the positive feedback about IFTTT. 

    The community is a good place to bring visibility to this feature in the meantime and feel free to ask any question in the Fingbox area:

    I'll also be thinking of bringing more visibility to these features. I believe the information is included in the on-boarding emails but perhaps it is not enough. 

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