Internet Performance Test - Stalling Streaming Videos

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I haven't confirmed by looking at my schedule, but it just dawned on me, maybe the Netflix issues we've been having are because of the Internet Performance test?
Do you have the performance testing turned on? How many times a day/what time of day do you have it run? Do you notice any lag during the test? 

For the past few weeks, we've been watching Netflix in the evening and sometimes, the video will stall, and then we get the message that it cannot be played. We wait 15 minutes and it seems ok again. It could just be our ISP, but it could also be the performance test. I had logged into Fing to use the Bandwidth Analysis tool, just to see if the kids were hogging all the bandwidth, but everything seemed fine there.


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    It could be.
    The way to check is to see when your Fingbox is scheduling the tests. To find out, make sure your Fingbox network is selected in the app, then go to Network Tab> Internet Performance> Schedule (it's between History and Report, under your ISP's score). Now you should be able to see and edit when your speed tests run (like below)
    Does it look like when you tend to watch Netflix? If so, choose different times.

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    Let us know any follow-up needed on this one @Xenophod

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