Fingbox claims Internet outage while there is none

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Hi all,
Wondering if anybody else is experiencing internet outages alarms from the Fingbox while Internet Access is actually working?

I did receive such "Alerts" now a few times while I know that I was actively on the Internet at the same time. 
What might have been though is that the line has been super busy - so maybe that caused some hiccups in regards of response times. Is there maybe a means to either configure some rechecking rules or some other way on how to deal with this?

I haven't experienced such behaviour before ~ Oct 30 - those reports were super reliable until then...

Thanks a lot!


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    Hi @EyeTap and welcome to our community.

    On a personal level I have not encountered this issue at all with my Fingbox and Fing app, however, that's not to discount what you're experiencing.  I'm wondering though when you receive the alerts could your ISP experience packet loss/drops at all?  There has to be a set of things to happen before Fingbox will alert of an outage.  Something has to happen, can you monitor your network a bit and see if there is a connection issue?
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    I certainly can’t exclude that packets are dropped or response times are very high when the line is saturated - like eg while running a speed test. But I would expect this would then likely lead to retransmissions.

    I wouldn’t know either how to monitor this properly as what might apply to one client might not to the other or the Fingbox.

    Apart from this I am not sure how I could do a continuous check on the connectivity with reasonable effort- at the end of the day I got me the Fingbox to do exactly this.

    The router logs didn’t show an outage for the respective time...

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    Hi @EyeTap
    I believe the internet outage notifications that you received are from Live ISP outage feature. We have recently launched a new outage detection service which is a part of the Fing App. This Internet outage detection is a free service that provides you awareness of your Internet connectivity quality, status, and issues. You will be able to get answers to all your Internet questions in real-time like: Is the Internet down for everyone or just me? Is my ISP really delivering good service? What ISP works best for me? 

    Check out the new internet outage detection site here: 

    You can log in to Internet outage detection via your existing Fing account. Just make sure your home location and ISP are set-ups correctly so you can start receiving notifications about outages affecting your ISP. You can get outage alerts via a mobile push on the Fing app, or you can set-up alerts on email, Slack, google sheets or other messaging systems thanks to the systems IFTTT and Zapier integration.

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    I would also like this question answered in depth. My Fing Box reports several outages a month, but it is usually in the night at times when we are not active, so I cannot correlate the outages in the monthly reports with anything I have seen, and I have never seen a correlation with the outage detection site. I do know, though, that we seem to get regular extra waits for sites to update, on a regular basis.  Yesterday, I reported some outages to my ISP - Plusnet. They had inevitably not heard of a Fing Box, but after I explained that it was using a direct wired ethernet connection to my router, so wasn't due to local WiFi problems, there is now an active fault investigation taking place.
    Of course, the Fing desktop application has now confused reporting compared with the solid wired ethernet connected Fing Box.