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    Fingbox near rome (Italy) , 90% speedtest results from Podgorica, ME... With high latency and very low speed.

  • Carlos_G
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    Hello, my Fingbox has Fingbox firmware 1.14.14, and the speed test it is lower than before 6 november. I have 600MB, and the speed test show 500MB. When the speed test is made with a computer, it's OK 620MB. So the problem persist.
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    Hi @Carlos_G this is likely because of the degradation to single stream speed tests on the MLAB side. 
    more details:
    To give an update on this, we have been in contact with our Speedtest partners, M-Labs. They confirmed that they have recently rolled out an upgraded infrastructure & migration of machines to a new platform. This is being done to improve the overall Speedtest performance going forward. By doing this, initially they have cut of the multi-stream download Speedtest that we rely on for our Speedtests. However, they have greatly improved the single stream download Speedtest (previously the single stream download could measure up to 250 Mbps, where now it can measure up to 500+ Mbps). With speeds above this, the measured speed reported will be lower than before, due to the single stream limits. 

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    Thank you very much Violet, M-Lab has informed when the service will be fully restored?
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    Well, I get all tests successful, the only problem is that the reported speed is much much lower than when I test from a pc using While it is downloading from Amsterdam, which is, I suppose correct as I am in The Netherlands.
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    Recently the Fingbox is reporting upload speed which matches other speed tests (eg Ookla on a laptop hardwired to the same switch as the Fingbox) BUT Fingbox reported download speed is 2.1Mbps vs 112Mbps on Ookla.

    Anyone know what’s gone wrong? Used to be no practical difference.

    Grateful for any thoughts!!