What is the favorite features of all of you from the app

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Mine fav features are the ability to see which ISP is better than your in the city and country and I also love the features to see all the devices connected to my WiFi as I caught that my neighbor was using my WiFi without permission in heavy usage like 10gb per day



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    I love being able to see from afar if my WLAN is online and who’s in the house. We have two houses far from each other so Fing helps me monitor activity, uptime in the house I’m not in. It also lets me see who’s in the house at any time, and shows when Nests or other devices such as printers and cameras disconnect themselves. I like the uptime monthly reporting, but there’s not much I can do about it at that point. It is cool, though. Like my Fings.  
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    -monitor up/down-time
    -look up users at home or away
    -monitoring new devices (especialy when guest network is enabled)
    -monitoring critical devices (like NAS etc.)
    Regards, Jacco
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    My fav is the ability to manage LAN access with Automatic block new device option

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    Monitor up/down.  I travel a lot for work and have to provide remote support for my family :-).  It is great to be able to see if I have connectivity problems or power problems at home remotely.   Would be great to have a remote reboot capability for my access points...