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At the moment I'm (fairly successfully) using the FingBox to limit the internet access times on my kids devices. However it's an "all or nothing" approach, with basically all internet access from their devices blocked within the defined period of time.

What would be nicer is being able to monitor and limit/control internet access (and perhaps even website-level access) on a more fine-grained level. So for example limiting certain ports, apps or website access without a total internet block (maybe allow web access but block chat apps, or block access to Instagram/Snapchat/YouTube but leave more general access).

Or is that kind of filtering getting too complicated without the FingBox acting as a gateway router or proxy of some sort directly?

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    Hi @DarrenHill thanks for your feature request, don't forget to add your up vote above too :)
    This is a difficult one, because it would require re-routing traffic through the box all the time. This is difficult because it could potentially slow down the network...a lot of the 3rd party parental control devices can really slow things down and then they get turned off. We wanted to avoid this with Fingbox. 

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