Can't see devices connected to the network

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So, I'm logged onto the Fing App and am supposed to be able to see which devices are connected to my network. I can see several of the devices connected (that should be connected) but I also know my wife's devices are presently connected but I can't see them in Fing. This is concerning; if I can't see devices I KNOW are authorized to connect, how do I know what else is trying to - or has - connected? Why can't I see my wife's devices in Fing?


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    Hi there @vagabondsoul
    Welcome to the Fing Community and thanks for your question. 

    To establish the correct means of troubleshooting, could you let me know, do you have a Fingbox?

    Merge Access point
    Do you have another access point? To merge the devices from another access point - just connect to the other access point with your phone and run a Fing scan. This will let the app know these devices are also on your network.

    Generic devices
    Could it be that these devices are appearing as GENERIC?
    If using only the Fing App (without Fingbox) maybe the devices could be appearing as generic because network scanning apps can no longer access the ARP table. More details are available here:

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    Hi @vagabondsoul, would you please confirm for me that your wife's devices are indeed connected to the wireless connection of your router/network?  Some screenshots would be ideal if you can send those as well.
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