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i did a whoisdns and for IP owner Cloudflare, Inc. appeared is that normal when using a AT&T router? Also every time I refresh whoisdns to redo a scan the “DNS Server” and “Reverse DNS” numbers are different/change.. 
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    The issue here is with AT&T using the address as the internal IP address of some of their routers.

    No idea why anyone anywhere even began to even let the very notion of a concept of a glimmering or a thought of an idea of a suggestion of doing that made any sense whatsoever, because it doesn't. was never AT&T's to use in this way, however until Cloudflare fired up their DNS Servers on it, the issue wasn't noticeable.

    AT&T suggest you change your IP address to an alternative:

    This was a very very dumb move on behalf of AT&T.
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    Cloudfare is a service that some professional sites use to ensure integrity and security for their website.  It's not uncommon for someone to have the service and have the information say as such.
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